Official Nintendo Compatibility Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I use an amiibo?

To use an amiibo, you will need the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Wii U Gamepad, a New 3DSXL, or a 3DS or 2DS with the NFC reader.

2. How many games can I save to a single amiibo?

Only one game can be saved to a single amiibo at any one time.  Current data will have to be deleted before game from a different game can be saved on it.

3. Can i use an amiibo with saved data on it with a game that only reads the amiibo?

Yes, the amiibo can still be used to use read-only functions.

4. What games are compatible with what amiibo?

Official Nintendo Compatibility Chart for more information.

5. Do I have to own an amiibo to play a certain game?

No, but an amiibo will bring different features to game play.